Welcome to the Home page of Thousand Oaks Festivals. Here you'll be able to find out just about everything you'll need to know about the program of festivals we hope to add to our 2017 season. Our ambition is quite simple -- to present an annual multi-disciplinary festival inclusive of all cultures, artistic genres and sub-genres, including Film, Music, Comedy, Performance and Fine Arts.

The mission of Thousand Oaks Festivals is to foster a greater appreciation of the diversity of the people in our world: their culture, their art, their heritage and traditions. While our principle goal is ostensibly to entertain, we believe it is imperative to fulfil our mission, we must also strive to present content that will enlighten as well inspire.

To attend a muti-cultural, multi-disciplinary festival is to be a participant - not just a bystander or witness to it.  What sets a multi-disciplinary festival apart from other “live” events is the atmosphere generated by the intrinsic ebb and flow of those attending. A festival provides an opportunity for personal exploration and discovery, as well as the truly unique opportunity for those attending and participating to interact and to express and share the joy and the exhilaration of a myriad of experiences with those around them.

Many thanks for visiting this site. Thousand Oaks Festivals is a "start up" - we are still very much in the "Beta" phase of our development. We've only just begun. We sincerely hope that if you happen to be in the neighborhood you'll join us at one or more of the events to be announced for 2017. Watch this space... we hope we'll have something that'll get your interest and that you'll join us in Thousand Oaks during our 2017 season?

                   The Oaks Music Festival

                At Conejo Valley Days

             Thursday May 11th. 2017

Performances Commence at 5:00pm



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